2 A history of failed philanthropy in Africa?

World Economic Forum, 2005. (L to R) Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Thabo Mbeki, Tony Blair, Bono, Olusegun Obasango.WEF Philanthropic efforts have existed for centuries in order to improve Africa. Has it failed for centuries? Author Paul Theroux says philanthropic efforts trace back from from Sir Thomas Buxton in the 18th…

0 Chelsea Clinton champions youth engagement and women’s rights

Chelsea Clinton leads a plenary discussion at CGI 2013.CGI (New York) – Chelsea Clinton recognizes that being the daughter of a former US President and former Secretary State pushes her onto the American political stage. It is an opportunity rather than a burden for Clinton. In a conversation with a…

Human Rights
1 Better Data will Empower More Women

Polio vaccination team member, Sujata Roy, marks a house during a campaign in Balarampota village.Gates Foundation (New York) – Melinda Gates and Hillary Clinton agree, better data is vital to achieving lasting women’s empowerment. The gains made over the past few decades are encouraging they said while speaking at the…