Coca Cola

0 USAID hopes to boost innovation in development with new lab

Former Sec State Clinton at the USAID Innovation Lab launch.Rob Baker Innovation is the buzzword for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) with the launch of its new Global Development Lab. The agency held an event, featuring former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to unveil its collaboration with…

1 How much do your food snacks and beverages hurt the poor?

Have you ever wondered to what extent that can of Pepsi or Coke – or the quasi-potato-chip Pringles or that quasi-chocolate Snickers bar – hurts the poor?

No? Well, Oxfam and its Behind the Brands campaign staff would like you to wonder about that. And they would like to then go check out the anti-poverty advocacy organization’s colorful online interactive chart that will tell you in quantifiable terms just how well, or badly, the top 10 food companies do when it comes to displacing poor farmers from their land, or otherwise undermining their rights and well-being.

1 No last mile: Changing the architecture of development

You may not think of architects as playing much of a role in global health, development or foreign aid. But design, in the broadest sense, matters in almost every endeavor. Here’s an interesting article at Architecture for Development about remodeling the way we think, and talk, about foreign aid. It…

1 Corporate Global Health

I just read an interesting post by the always thoughtful Alanna Shaikh on the increasing number of corporations who want to get involved in global health. It’s well worth reading. Shaikh, who attended the UN anti-poverty confab in New York City this week, says “It’s an interesting new world of…