0 Gates Foundation wants to make safe sex more fun

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation thinks safe sex isn’t as much fun as it should be. At least, that seems to be the gist of one request for a grant application from the world’s largest philanthropy as part of its Grand Challenges Explorations program. One of the goals for this round is to develop a better condom – and by better they basically mean a condom that doesn’t suck.

Global Health
1 WHO says to use a condom if you use injectable contraception

 Flickr, Jaume d’Urgell Last fall, Seattle scientists issued some problematic findings indicating higher risk for HIV among women using the contraceptive Depo-Provera, a hormone delivered by injection popular in poor countries for its ease of use and reliability. Today, experts at the World Health Organization, which contends the evidence for…

2 Queen of England bestows honor on PATH’s gizmo guy

The Queen of England has bestowed an exalted honor on PATH’s top gizmo guy. “She said global health was a rather big subject and must involve a lot of travel,” said Michael Free, chief of technology for PATH, who had in fact stopped off in London to be received by…

Global Health
0 Signs of regress in the global AIDS fight

Okay, this is an incredibly disturbing story that should scare the bejeebers out of everyone. IRIN News reports, kind of matter-of-factly, that in Kenya “Condom recycling highlights gap in HIV prevention programming.” The story tells about men in rural northern Kenya: “… washing condoms and hanging them out to dry;…

World Politics
0 The Pope says condoms are okay, for prostitutes anyway

Pope BenedictFlickr, by miqul The world is still all abuzz with reaction to Pope Benedict XVI’s very limited benediction on condoms as a means for some people, like prostitutes, to avoid spreading or getting HIV. Given how little the Pope actually said here, I can’t even begin to imagine the…