1 Why food security and conflict may not be linked

Food prices go up and people revolt, right? Maybe not. Conflict does lead to food insecurity. That makes sense because broken markets means it is harder and more expensive to get food. But what about whether high prices cause conflict. Do people protest and conflict follows because food is too…

0 Climate change will lead to more conflict! Well, not exactly

Researchers have long connected climate change and conflict. They warn that the effects of climate change will lead to instability that will lead to fighting. Problem is that the evidence was quite thin. A new study, published last week in Science, by Princeton’s Solomon Hsiang and University of California, Berkeley’s Marshall…

0 Humanitarian standards to go under reform process

Israeli Defense Forces in Haiti.Israel Defense Forces An effort is underway to create a set of standards that will guide humanitarian action in cases of conflict and disaster. The Humanitarian Standards Forum, held in Geneva at the end of June, brought humanitarian leaders together to begin the process of creating the…

Human Rights
0 Infographic: History of bombing in Sudan

Thanks to Roving Bandit for identifying this infographic by Smith College professor Eric Reeves showing the extent of Sudan’s bombings of its neighbor, South Sudan. This long-running conflict may have become a bonafide war. Open publication – Free publishing

0 Mapping climate’s contribution to conflicts in Africa

Researchers at AidData say that Mapping makes it easier to identify links between climate change, violent conflict and assistance projects. Here’s one such map that reportedly shows this: Above is just a screen grab that is probably somewhat incomprehensible to you. So go to this link and see how it…

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