0 Why did Congolese soldiers kill a surrendered militia leader?

Congolese military (FARDC) members.Radio Okapi The death of a Congolese militia leader who surrendered to the military is raising serious questions. A brutal militia leader known as Morgan surrendered to the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Saturday. He was joined by somewhere around 40 of…

Human Rights
0 Restoring the shattered women of Congo

Stories of rape, incest or horrible abuse, often committed by people they trusted, such as teachers or relatives. They talk of being chased from their homes and raped by men with AK-47s, who left them for dead before moving on to claim a new woman or piece of territory in the civil war that has long decimated the eastern regions of this impoverished Central African country.

0 Why Congo prefers Chinese investment over Western aid

The Chinese are gaining ground in Africa while Western powers, and corporations, struggle to catch up. Last week, China’s official news service reported on the success of a joint effort of the Chinese and Congolese governments: A new $8.7 million, 40-mile long electricity line linking two towns in the Democratic…

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