0 Why the Electrify Africa Act is vital to powering Africa

The White House stayed true to form in the establishment of its program to increase access to electricity in Africa, Power Africa. Despite the fact that members in Congress were working on the issue, the Obama Administration developed Power Africa on its own. The launch of the program, made by…

1 Will the US foreign aid budget continue its decline?

An increase in the foreign affairs budget for 2014 saw an end to a four year decline in the US. Discussions are now taking place over the Fiscal Year 2015 budget and the downward trend may resume. That is what will happen if Rep Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) budget proposal wins…

0 What happens when you send a teacher to Congress?

Mark Takano is a former high school teacher who now serves in the US Congress. A letter made its rounds in the House intended for Speaker John Boehner. The curt text says the process of immigration reform is problematic as is the proposed bill itself. Takno did what he knows…

0 What explains the weird way Congress voted down food aid reform?

Flickr, pinehurst19475 The recent defeat in Congress of legislation aimed at improving the efficiencies of our foreign efforts to feed the hungry didn’t fall into the normal partisan divisions, or even expected special interest categories. The Obama Administration has proposed changes to our nation’s uniquely wasteful and self-serving system of…

World Politics
2 The fight over America giving itself foreign aid

One of the most inefficient and frequently counterproductive aspects of American foreign aid is our tendency to give aid to ourselves — experts call it “tied aid” — rather than directly giving it to those poor folks and communities overseas we are trying to assist. Obviously, we don’t say that’s…

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