Global Health
1 Melinda Gates says family planning should not be controversial

By Keith Seinfeld, KPLU ———————————————————————————————————————————— Melinda Gates is promoting access to contraceptives around the world, and urging everyone to believe it’s not a controversial step. She’s co-hosting a global summit on Wednesday in London, along with the British government. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hopes to overcome religious and…

Global Health
0 Contraception could cut global maternal death toll by one-third

The New York Times reports: A new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University shows that fulfilling unmet contraception demand by women in developing countries could reduce global maternal mortality by nearly a third, a potentially great improvement for one of the world’s most vulnerable populations. The study, published on…

1 Quandary for women: Contraceptive use vs HIV risk in Africa

Mother and child, EthiopiaFlickr, subcomandanta Researchers at the University of Washington have reported some highly problematic findings regarding a common method of birth control in eastern and southern Africa. They are problematic in that they indicate a popular injectable hormone, Depo-Provera, used by perhaps 140 million women worldwide (and often…