Human Rights
0 US firms like Microsoft and Amazon ranked low on transparency

Many American corporations, including tech giants like Microsoft, Apple and Amazon, score poorly in a new report by Transparency International which ranks the world’s top 105 corporations according to their accountability and transparency. Why would a news site that covers global health and the fight against poverty care about corporate…

Global Health
0 Critics say World Health Organization too cozy with corporate interests

A number of civil society and non-profit organizations are claiming that the World Health Organization is overly influenced by commercial and corporate interests. At this week’s World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva, Corporate Accountability International, which represents 100 organizations from 24 countries, claims the WHO is compromising its independence and…

Human Rights
0 Corporate philanthropy: good or bad?

Should corporations — and not just the wealthy individuals running them — be expected to do good? Here are two views, one from a banker who says they should and another from a journalist who says they shouldn’t. HSBC Chairman Stephen Green, paraphrasing Churchill: “The market is the worst system…