0 World Bank cracks down on corruption

Corruption has persisted for millennia as have various efforts to root it out. International development efforts, with money moving from donors like the World Bank to contractors and governments, have their fair share of corruption. A chart from The Economist shows the number of individuals and organizations that have been…

0 Rooting out seen and unseen corruption

A dapper Teodorin Obiang emerges from his luxury car.AFP Nine cars were sold off at an auction in Paris raising $3.6 million. Luxury names took the stage including Porche, Bugatti and Bentley. The owner: Teodorin Obiang, son of Equatorial Guinea’s President Teodor Obiang. The cars were seized in 2011 when…

0 How open and democratic is your country? Corruption Index 2012

The Guardian has published a nice interactive graphic of Transparency International’s Corruption Index 2012. The United States, which was ranked slightly above average at 19, has improved a bit while countries like Bangladesh and Gambia have plummeted. Syria and Egypt did not score well, unsurprisingly, along with the usual suspects…

0 World corruption map

The Guardian has put out a global map showing the level of corruption country-by-country based on data (also available at this link) from Transparency International. Apparently, Canada is less corrupt than we are. This is just a screen grab so go to link for interactive map.

Global Health
0 More pushback on AP story re Global Fund fraud

The Associated Press recently caused a firestorm in global health circles with a (somewhat questionable) report describing instances of fraud and corruption in the Global Fund for AIDS, TB and Malaria. Given the echo chamber nature of the media, the AP’s version of this story is still out there bouncing…

World Politics
0 Nigerian allegations of corruption, against Dick Cheney

We’re always hearing about the corruption of African governments, especially so when it comes to Nigeria. Now, the Nigerians are pointing their collective finger back at us — or, well, at former Vice President Dick Cheney anyway. Nigeria’s anti-corruption agency has filed bribery charges against Cheney and nine others claiming…

0 Most and least corrupt nations

Transparency International came out with its annual corruption index this week, based on 2009 data. Here’s the Atlantic’s take on the most and least corrupt nations. Here’s the Guardian’s great Data Blog that can help you do your own search.