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0 Fake drug threat growing

Two new reports are focused on the growing threat from counterfeit drugs. In this issue of Foreign Affairs, three experts examine the rapid increase in the fake drug trade: Multiple studies estimate that up to 50 percent of medicine in circulation in regions of Africa and Southeast Asia today is…

0 Using science to battle fake drugs

PillsFlickr, by Rodrigo Senna I’ve written before about some of the Seattle folks playing a critical role in the battle against counterfeit medications and the potential for harm “fake drugs” can cause, especially in low-income countries. It is a much bigger problem than most people realize and not at all…

Human Rights
0 Fighting Fake Drugs

PillsFlickr, by Rodrigo Senna One of the international community’s top priorities (Millennium Development Goal number eight) is to make sure people in developing countries have access to essential drugs and treatments. Criminals have decided to help out. Last week, Interpol coordinated police raids throughout East Africa — in Burundi, Kenya,…