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Dambisa Moyo on Daily Show, on why China is better overseas than US | 

The economist Dambisa Moyo promotes her new book, Winner Take All, on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Those who would expect Stewart to challenge Moyo’s somewhat simplistic and rose-colored characterization of China’s strategy overseas will be disappointed. And it’s not even that funny, but Moyo does get a lot of time to explain her ideas.

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Bill Gates pushing us to push polio into oblivion | 


Child receiving oral polio vaccine

In case you missed it, Bill Gates thinks we should eradicate polio.

Not just him. You and me, too.

Bill and Melinda Gates have given a lot of money — about $1.3 billion — in support of the global campaign to eradicate polio. But, as Gates has been saying a lot the past week, it’s going to take a truly global effort to succeed:

“If eradication fails because of a lack of generosity on the part of donor countries it would be tragic. We are so close, but we have to finish the last leg of the journey,” says Gates in his annual letter released today.

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