3 The aid debate doesn’t work, but it can be fixed

Three weeks ago I joked of a broken ceasefire of words between eminent development economists Bill Easterly and Jeffrey Sachs. My attempt at levity regarding a protracted debate proved to be far more accurate than I intended. Sachs replied to Easterly in Foreign Policy by also praising the latest Gates…

World Politics
0 Kenya Holds Historic Presidential Debate

Flickr, Albert Kenyani Inima Analysis Kenya held its first ever presidential debate on Monday, an historic event. The eight candidates* gathered in Nairobi to debate the most pressing issues in the first of two televised debates. The young country’s event was everything that the 2012 US presidential debates were not.…

0 Easterly-GiveWell Debate Is Good for Aid

An interesting conversation took place in mid-July between Bill Easterly of NYU; Holden Karnofsky and Stephanie Wykstra of GiveWell; and an unnamed funder. Easterly and Karnofsky penned a pair of blog posts that shared some of the highlights of the conversation. It is interesting in terms of how the two…