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Humanosphere’s experiment in collaborative journalism | 

Great to see you all last night at the monthly ChangeUp gathering at Paddy Coynes Pub. It was as always loud, boisterous, fun and informative. And by the way, who ate the other half of my shepherd’s pie?

Anyway … To follow up and provide info for those who didn’t make it, I’ll reiterate here what we tried to explain – amid the beer, food and background music — is being proposed. We want to make Humanosphere serve as a hub for an experiment in collaborative journalism, social media, new media and citizen journalism. This is a much bigger kind of ChangeUp.

It is still a work in progress, but what isn’t really? We are excited about its potential, and about enlisting your participation.

And because we can’t help but try to have fun with it, we are calling this initiative for now the Development News Network, DNN.

Forget about that old cable news network CNN and Sanjay Gupta and all those well-coifed talking heads. This is DNN and it’s intended to be your news network, reporting on the community by the community.

Why are we doing this? We are trying to solve what we see as a major problem — the lack of coverage of global health and development issues.

Humanosphere is today one of the few news sites out there devoted to covering global health development. As part of the NPR and the public media family, we see it as an obligation to do what we can to improve coverage of issues of interest to the community. Continue reading