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0 Global crises cause humanitarian spending to spike

The amount of money spent on humanitarian aid reached a record high last year. Disasters like the typhoon in the Philippines, the crisis in the Central African Republic and the ongoing civil war in Syria all contributed. Government humanitarian aid increased by 24% from 2012 to 2013, totaling  $22 billion billion.…

World Politics
0 Philippines Response Turning the Corner, says US Official

The international relief effort in the Philippines responding to the destruction caused by Typhoon Haiyan is slowly improving. Roads are clearing, making it easier for lifesaving supplies to reach people in need. Trucks and cars now move between Tacloban city and its airport. US officials are cautiously optimistic that the…

0 Typhoon exposes countless challenges faced by the Philippines

Rovilyne Rosell, Daang Bantayan. Her home was partially destroyed in typhoon.Alabama Red Cross The latest information regarding the toll wrought by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines gets worse. Nearly 10 million people are affected by the damage. An estimated 700,000 people are homeless, requiring $301 million in support. Roughly 10,000…

2 Want to help the Philippines? Give unrestricted cash

Boston Big Picture Another major disaster strikes and do-gooders rush to help however they can. It is one of the most endearing qualities about humanity, but sometimes your instincts fail you. The compulsion to help can be good, but it is only effective if done right. With disasters, the best…

0 Humanitarian standards to go under reform process

Israeli Defense Forces in Haiti.Israel Defense Forces An effort is underway to create a set of standards that will guide humanitarian action in cases of conflict and disaster. The Humanitarian Standards Forum, held in Geneva at the end of June, brought humanitarian leaders together to begin the process of creating the…

4 Why you should donate, but maybe not to Japan

People want to help. Well, okay, not everyone wants to help. Some people are jerks. Despite my skeptical (which some misinterpret as cynical) view of human nature acquired after working a quarter century as a journalist, I find that most people actually do want to assist when they see someone…

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