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0 Why is the Gates Foundation still in China?

The China office of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of its biggest – second only, in size and staffing, to that of the philanthropy’s India office. China and India GDP Yet China, compared to India and other poor or middle-income nations hamstrung by many living in extreme…

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0 PATH & Sanofi start major production of synthetic anti-malaria drug

Malaria remains one of the world’s biggest killers and also a massive economic drag on poor countries, poor families. One of our best weapons against this scourge is a drug known as artemisinin, which is harvested from the plant sweet wormwood and, as a crop, is about as predictable as corn or hog futures.A major new initiative to be launched tomorrow in Italy by Seattle-based PATH in collaboration with the French drug maker Sanofi aims to do industrial production of synthetic artemisinin.

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0 Drug industry loses in India – fight over ‘patents vs poor’ to continue

The Indian Supreme Court has rejected a drug patent application by the international pharmaceutical firm Novartis, an event that merited coverage by the New York Times, BBC and many other media – news which you might think is mostly a matter for the business page or drug industry insiders. In fact, the case may represent one of the most difficult dilemmas in global health. It is a fight that is far from over.

0 Al Jazeera: The great billion-dollar drug (and vaccine) scam?

Flickr, anolob The pharmaceutical industry often trots out some pretty stunning numbers to explain why their drugs cost so much. A journalist and South African scholar scrutinizes the numbers for Al Jazeera. In the first part of a two-part series called “The great billion dollar drug scam,” investigative journalist Khadija…

0 Owen Barder: Should we pay less for vaccines?

Owen Barder, a development expert at the Center for Global Development, asks “Should we pay less for vaccines?” Barder’s post was prompted by the critical response some advocacy groups, like Oxfam and Médecins Sans Frontières (aka Doctors Without Borders) made after the successful fund-raising effort on June 13 by the…