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2 American teenager is the face of global TB

Washington, DC - Jake paused when he entered the room. He pulled out his phone to take a picture of the empty seats facing the empty table where he and his mom, Caryn, will soon sit. The Irvine, California high school Freshman is dressed in a sharp suit and polka-dot bowtie. A…

Global Health
2 Highest levels ever of drug-resistant TB found, in Europe

People are always surprised by this one basic fact about tuberculosis: One out of every three people on the planet are currently infected with this airborne bacterium. That’s why the problem of increasing outbreaks of drug-resistant strains of TB is so worrisome to health officials. Tuberculosis spreads a lot easier…

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0 World Health Day: How to make a terrifying message boring

Drug resistance. Here’s WHO’s Dr. Margaret Chan warning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nk1rUDQwgDE Yes, it’s a pretty boring video presentation — unless you actually listen to what she’s saying. Then, it’s kind of terrifying.The drugs we have come to depend upon to protect us from infectious disease and other killers are losing their oomph.…