0 Potcast: The global implications of Washington state legalizing marijuana

Since Washington and Colorado voters approved the legal use of marijuana for recreational purposes, many are predicting other states will follow suit. The sober goal of this anticipated movement is to move away from the law enforcement approach to combating substance abuse through the public health strategy of ‘harm reduction’ – including reducing the harm of putting many people in prison for just using pot.

0 How the Evergreen state helped Uruguay legalize marijuana

Earlier this week, politicians in Uruguay voted to make the South American nation the first in the world to legalize marijuana aimed at regulating the use of pot and disrupting the criminal drug trade. But they might not have had it not been for a little help from Washington state, in the form of Seattle attorney Alison Holcomb.

2 Novartis vs. India: Patents vs. the poor?

Flickr, Brooks Elliott One of the biggest, thorniest dilemmas in global health is coming to a head in India. (And the biggest player in this arena, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, with a former top Novartis executive running the global health program, has no comment on it. More on…

0 Seattle philanthropy seeks changed mindset in world murder capital

Down with DrugsFlickr, Curtis Gregory Perry U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is in Mexico and soon will be on his way to Honduras, meeting with Central American leaders to figure out an effective strategy for combating the surging, deadly drug trade. Many Latin American leaders say the so-called ‘War on…

0 A pretty big deal: A daily pill to prevent HIV infection

Anti-HIV drug TruvadaNIH Medical researchers have shown that taking a common anti-AIDS drug can be used to prevent HIV infection in sexually active men by more than 70 percent — or even up to 95 percent if taken with complete diligence. This could be a pretty big deal. As a…

1 Link Round-Up: Tough Times

Cutbacks in assistance funding, crises, chaos and ongoing inequities: Britain plans to slash international assistance. Aid Not Reaching Flooding Victims in Pakistan. Ethical/Legal Mess Over Access to Drugs Overseas. Waterborne illness in Pakistan, Measles in Africa and other bugs.

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