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0 Global crises cause humanitarian spending to spike

The amount of money spent on humanitarian aid reached a record high last year. Disasters like the typhoon in the Philippines, the crisis in the Central African Republic and the ongoing civil war in Syria all contributed. Government humanitarian aid increased by 24% from 2012 to 2013, totaling  $22 billion billion.…

1 Why did Americans donate $730 million to wealthy Japan?

Japanese residents offer a prayer for the victims in an evacuation zone near the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plants.AP Three years ago today, a massive earthquake off the coast of Japan spawned a tsunami that devastated communities, killed nearly 16,000 people (with some 2,600 still missing) and damaged nuclear power…

4 Why you should donate, but maybe not to Japan

People want to help. Well, okay, not everyone wants to help. Some people are jerks. Despite my skeptical (which some misinterpret as cynical) view of human nature acquired after working a quarter century as a journalist, I find that most people actually do want to assist when they see someone…

22 Guest post: The ugly game of relief for Japan

Flickr, jchong Note: This is a post written by an aid worker I know who, for reasons of employment, doesn’t wish to be identified. ————————————————————— Over the last day, my email inbox has filled with appeals for aid to Japan. I’ve heard from International Medical Corps, the World Food Programme,…

1 World responds to Japan in crisis

The true nature of the devastation in Japan continues to emerge and the world community is responding, even if it may not be clear what most of the rest of the world can really do to help. As The Guardian notes, it now appears that the death toll from this…

World Politics
0 Debate on Haiti aid grows

As Haitians struggle to respond to an explosion of cholera amid homelessness and the rubble remaining from January’s massive quake, a debate has flared over how (and even whether) to provide aid to this poor country. This is a never-ending debate, of course, but it likely has flared up this…

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