0 US power is declining and it’s a good thing

The rest of the world is catching up to and will soon pass the dominant US.  It is estimated that today’s developing countries will be responsible for roughly two-thirds of the global GDP by 2030. That is great news for the US and Europe, if the right steps are taken,…

World Politics
0 Did anything that matters (to the rest of us) happen in Davos?

World Economic Forum Somehow, I was not invited to the prestigious and exclusive World Economic Forum in Davos this year. Many other members of the media were there along with the corporate executives, politicians, celebrities, cautiously happy bankers, an anxious Shimon Peres complaining that the world is becoming ungovernable and some…

1 The Economist: How Washington state is like Greece

The Economist looks at the economies of American states as compared to other nations’ GDPs. Washington state is about the size of Greece (and, fortunately, not in same mess financially). It’s kind of a fun comparison, this map, even if I can’t quite tell what to do with this information.