1 Building classrooms does not equal learning

Kenyan primary school students, in class.Tom Murphy Amid UNESCO’s jaw-dropping report on the immense challenge to education around the world is an important fact: Some 37 countries are losing half of the money they invest in primary education because students are not learning. Even when children go to school, they…

1 Failing grade on education worldwide

For some reason, the critical role of education as a means to ‘sustainably’ reduce poverty and increase opportunity worldwide seldom gets the same attention as fighting diseases of poverty, technological innovation or efforts aimed at fostering healthier markets. Maybe that explains the depressing – mostly ignored – findings in a…

Human Rights
0 Child marriage seen as a girl’s health issue

The development community is starting to pay closer attention to the problem of child marriages. Long considered an issue of human rights, the conversation about child marriage is shifting to that of health and education. Girls married too young are denied the educational opportunities of their peers and are put…

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