0 Mega-dams might not be worth the trouble

Construction on the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Egypt and Ethiopia are at odds over the construction of the $4-billion hydroelectric Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam along the Nile River. The project is slated to complete by 2017 and Egypt is worried that it will affect its water supply. Similarly, another dam project in…

0 What’s next for the Egyptian revolution?

Families protesting near Tahrir Square by Flickr user Zeinab Mohamed This has been a tumultuous week in Egypt. Huge protests on against the elected president Muhuammed Morsi were followed by what many are calling a military coup d’etat. Now, two and a half years after the fall of dictator Hosni…

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0 Arab Spring flares up

Egypt’s Tahrir Square, at the start of the uprisingFlickr, Jonathan Rashad The popular uprising across the Middle East has intensified this week with the eruption of violence in Egypt and the resignation of Yemen’s president President Ali Abdullah Saleh. As the Washington Post reports, the level of violence in Egypt…

World Politics
0 Wikileaks on Libya, Tunis and Egypt

The Telegraph published a worrisome article today about Libya, based on its interpretation of a Wikileaks diplomatic cable. Unlike in Tunisia and Egypt, the cable says, Libya’s popular revolt may be fueled by extremist Islamic elements. Former jihadi fighters who underwent “religious and ideological training” in Afghanistan, Lebanon and the…

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