0 Mega-dams might not be worth the trouble

Construction on the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Egypt and Ethiopia are at odds over the construction of the $4-billion hydroelectric Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam along the Nile River. The project is slated to complete by 2017 and Egypt is worried that it will affect its water supply. Similarly, another dam project in…

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2 The 10 stories you missed while following the Philippines

The disaster following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines rightly has dominated the global twenty-four hour news cycle. Humanosphere has devoted more of our reporting time to the issue than anything else this week. With nearly one million people displaced and close to twelve million affected, the scope of the problem…

0 Attempting to put more ‘Green’ into the heart of development

Developing countries need long term economic growth to continue toward a path toward prosperity. The aid buzzword sustainability is often used to describe maintaining progress, but the Organization for Economic Coordination and Development (OECD) says it should also apply to the environment. As the global population swells from 7 billion…

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