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Obama’s global health diarist gets his goat | 

Is Obama’s $63 billion Global Health Initiative working?


Dr. Zeke Emanuel

That’s the title of one of the initial posts in “Africa Diaries” a series of reports to come by Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, brother to President Obama’s former chief of staff (and now Chicago mayoral wannabe) Rahm Emanuel.

Dr. Emanuel is a bioethicist at the National Institutes of Health and also a special adviser on health issues to the Obama Administration. He’s doing a series of global health articles for The New Republic magazine based on a recent trip he made to Senegal, Mozambique and Ethiopia.

Emanuel begins his diary:

Is funding for global health a never-ending waste of money in which billions are spent but nothing gets better? Or are we being selfish and grossly unethical, because we are unwilling to spend a few hundred dollars more per year in order to save a life of a poor person half way around the world?

Gee, those are tough questions. I’m going to guess no and yes. Continue reading