1 A peaceful and food-secure Africa is not just a dream

Dr Kanayo F. Nwanze An open letter by the International Fund for Agricultural Development’s President Dr Kanayo F. Nwanze called on African leaders to follow through and deliver on their promises for investing in agriculture. It came just ahead of the 23rd African Union summit that will bring together Africa’s leaders. In…

0 A souring sugar industry in Kenya

Malava, Kenya – The essential foods that make up a Kenyan diet are as follows: maize flour, kale, black tea, milk and sugar. Maize flour is used to make ugali, a mashed potato looking brick that is used to eat with chopped and boiled kale. The rest is to make…

2 One woman’s struggle to escape extreme poverty

Yala, Kenya  - The world’s leaders want to reduce extreme poverty to three percent by 2030. Mary Anyango would like to see progress now. Getting to the overall target means halving the number of people living in extreme poverty worldwide by 2020 to nine percent, World Bank President Jim Kim…

0 Mobile money is transforming the business of agriculture in Kenya

ricajimarie Kisumu, Kenya – The picture of a farmer with a cell phone checking market prices is nearly ubiquitous. Cell phones connect people to each other as families and businesses. However, it is mobile money that may be formalizing Kenya’s small businesses. The oft-touted M-PESA cash transfer system pioneered in…

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