Human Rights
0 Meet Big Oil’s Big Men in Nigeria and Ghana

Companies have been taking oil out of Nigeria for nearly half a century, making it one of the wealthier nations in Africa. But the wealth is not well-distributed. What should have been a boon for Nigerians has left out most of them. Corruption, domestic and foreign, a series of coups…

6 International development according to Hollywood

International development is just about at the bottom of the list of things that the average American thinks about each day. Foreign bureaus are closing for major US news sources. One of the big television networks turned down more money for global health reporting after a series, entirely funded by…

World Politics
0 “An African Election” now available

I wrote about this documentary “An African Election” last May when I saw it and talked with its director, Jarreth Merz, at the Seattle International Film Festival. It’s an amazing film and it’s finally available on Netflix. I highly recommend it. As I wrote about it last year: The…