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1 The Daily Show (hilariously) explores the food aid reform debate

As Humanosphere has explored ad nauseum and (sometimes with our own attempt at humor) over the past few months, there have been attempts by the Obama Administration, the US Agency for International and many within the humanitarian community to reform our highly inefficient and self-serving methods of distributing food aid. Here’s the Daily Show’s take.

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0 Why did Seattle’s “Liberal Congressman for Life” vote against fixing food aid?

Many experts say that the current system of how the U.S. government does food aid is plenty corrupted – at least if you assume the goal is to feed the poor and hungry. The current system requires that we buy the food from American farmers and ship it on American-flagged vessels. No other country does food aid this way, because it is so inefficient and, well, blatantly self-serving.

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2 Bipartisan support in Congress AGAINST feeding the hungry – what’s next for food aid reform

Congress has again preserved American exceptionalism, and in so doing ensured millions more people in poor countries will go hungry. The Obama Administration has proposed changing our food aid system, which nearly all aid and development experts agree is incredibly inefficient and self-serving due to the uniquely American requirement that we buy food here from American farmers and ship it overseas on American ships.

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