food crisis

0 Will the next Africa hunger crisis be prevented?

There is a looming food crisis in the Sahel, a geographic ‘belt’ that stretches across central Africa from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. After the hand-wringing and finger-pointing following the famine in East Africa last year, you would think the international community would already be mobilizing to prevent…

2 Food insecurity map

Millions of people, perhaps as many as a billion people, suffer from hunger and inadequate, intermittent access to food. Malnutrition in children is a massive global health problem. And “food insecurity” is on the increase due to rising food prices, agricultural losses, instability and an inequitable food distribution industry. InterAction,…

0 Map: Hot spots in the global food crisis

The Environmental Working Group and ActionAid have collaborated to create an interactive world map highlighting countries at highest risk of a food crisis due to the recent food price hikes. These organizations emphasize that biofuel production and trade policies have contributed to increased demand for crops like soybeans and corn which, in…