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1 Are there trade-offs in feeding the world?

UgandaIamNotUnique A world-wide hunger problem with a continuing growing population means that food is increasingly important. Some 842 million people suffer from chronic hunger. That means one out of every eight people is food insecure. More than 7 billion people are on the planet today. The additional population (roughly 10…

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2 The 10 stories you missed while following the Philippines

The disaster following Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines rightly has dominated the global twenty-four hour news cycle. Humanosphere has devoted more of our reporting time to the issue than anything else this week. With nearly one million people displaced and close to twelve million affected, the scope of the problem…

1 Why food security and conflict may not be linked

Food prices go up and people revolt, right? Maybe not. Conflict does lead to food insecurity. That makes sense because broken markets means it is harder and more expensive to get food. But what about whether high prices cause conflict. Do people protest and conflict follows because food is too…

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0 Why did Seattle’s “Liberal Congressman for Life” vote against fixing food aid?

Many experts say that the current system of how the U.S. government does food aid is plenty corrupted – at least if you assume the goal is to feed the poor and hungry. The current system requires that we buy the food from American farmers and ship it on American-flagged vessels. No other country does food aid this way, because it is so inefficient and, well, blatantly self-serving.

0 What does ‘Food Security’ mean anyway?

Just about any story about food or nutrition will contain the rather amorphous phrase: food security. Many, including me, don’t bother to offer much of a definition for food security. Thankfully, the Thompson Reuters Foundation put together a short video explaining food security and why it is an important topic.…

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