foreign aid

Gates Foundation’s rose-colored world view not supported by evidence

The annual public letter from Bill and Melinda Gates has become a much-celebrated event in the global development calendar. But the self-described ‘impatient optimists’ paint a picture that is so selective in its use of facts that it amounts to little more than propaganda for a failing industry, and indeed a failing ideology. The 2017 letter is especially striking for just how out-of-sync it feels with the current zeitgeist.

World Politics
Where do Trump and Clinton stand on foreign aid?

In an election season marked by scandal and focused on personalities, policy issues took a back seat. And foreign aid policy is in the way, way back. Even in a more civil campaign season, it is not a top issue in presidential elections. However, it is possible to get a sense of how Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton view foreign aid by looking closely at their speeches and statements over the years.

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