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1 When access is not enough for family planning

A community health worker visits with Dorcas Owino and her family. Sauri, Kenya – Efforts are increasing to bring family planning access to some two hundred million women around the world. Melinda Gates launched a new effort at the London Summit on Family Planning in July 2012. Shortages and a…

0 Kenyan farmers skeptical, lack knowledge about GMOs

A diseased stalk of maize in western Kenya. Malava, Kenya – With a maize disease spreading across western Kenya, farmers are in need of seed alternatives and some are advocating the use of seeds genetically modified to fight disease. However, genetically modified crops (aka GMOs, genetically modified organisms) are not…

0 How Bill Gates stopped worrying and learned to love the MDGs

Bill Gates was not thrilled about the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) when they were launched in 2005. The goals were meant to set tangible targets for the world and individual countries to achieve by 2015. Though he eventually came around to love them. Bill and Melinda now sing their praises…

0 Bill Gates the technology skeptic

Eric Havir Bill Gates is not quite impressed with Google’s Project Loon. He tells Brad Stone of Businessweek that increasing access to the internet is not going to solve problems like diarrhea. When you’re dying of malaria, I suppose you’ll look up and see that balloon, and I’m not sure…

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