This gif shows a massive India with a lot of economic growth to be had | 

The population of India is massive. Trying to imagine 1.2 billion people (roughly 4x more than the US) is tough. The following two maps put things into perspective.

Both compare India’s states and territories against global equivalents. The visualizations come from The Economist back in 2011. While the overall economy of India is big, there is a disparity between the comparison countries on population and GDP per capita. Uttar Pradesh is the size of Brazil with the economy of Kenya. In fact, Brazil’s GDP ($2.25 trillion) is greater than than of the whole of India ($1.82 trillion). Further south, Kerala has the same population as Canada and the economy of Papua New Guinea.

Interact with the maps below.
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The transformative power of the internet in Africa | 

The internet holds the power to transform Africa, says the McKinsey Global Institute.

Expanding internet access and unleashing its capabilities can impact six areas: financial services, education, health, retail, agriculture, and government. A new report, Lions Go Digital: The Internet’s Transformative Potential in Africa, predicts that 500 million people in Africa will be online by 2025. It is a dramatic increase from the 16 million people connected to the internet today.

An analysis of the fourteen leading economies in Africa reveals varying progress of internet impact. Kenya and Senegal are considered leaders which the large economy of Nigeria is a country ‘punching below its weight.’

Optimism springs from the low contribution of the internet to the GDP (iGDP) of many African nations. In the US, the internet contributes to 3.8% of GDP. The average across Africa is only 1.1%, nearly half that of other emerging economies, says the report. The gap demonstrates the potential benefit that the internet can have on African economies.

“Today, following a decade of economic expansion, Africa is going digital,” say the report authors in the introduction.
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Why it’s so difficult to measure progress and well-being in Africa | 


Gross domestic product (GDP) is the magical term often used to described the economic growth of a country.

Governments, experts and news reports point to it as a measure of progress. In development, a field often dominated by economists, GDP is all but an obligatory part of the discussion when it comes to country level progress.

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Forbes: Corporation annual revenues compared to national GDPs | 

Have you ever wondered how the annual revenue of some of the mega-corporations compares to the Gross Domestic Product of a country?

Well, thanks to Forbes magazine and the Global Policy Forum, you now have to wonder no longer. Here’s a link to their comparison chart, which I have captured only a part of below:

Global Policy Forum, Forbes

Comparing corporate revenues to GDPs