Bill Gates talks philanthropy and tech on Geekwire | 

My friend and former fellow Seattle PI colleague Todd Bishop — now at Geekwire — has written a great article about Bill Gates’ Tuesday talk about philanthropy and technology sponsored by United Way of king County.

Todd quotes Gates describing his initial thoughts when her first began considering getting into philanthropy:

I was afraid when I got into philanthropy that all the good ideas would be taken. It would be good if they were all taken. Somebody should have funded a malaria vaccine. Did they just save it for me to come along so that I could have fun being the primary funder of malaria vaccines? It doesn’t make sense that they were holding that open for me to show up.

Much of the focus of the discussion is about Gates comparing philanthropy to technology. Here’s a video from the event:

UPDATE: More on this at TechFlash, the Puget Sound Business Journal’s website that Todd and John Bishop started (and then abruptly departed recently, with little explanation, to start Geekwire). In this case, it’s Bill Gates reporting on himself and what he said.