gender equity

3 Why are male farmers out-performing women in Africa?

Gates Foundation The gap between men and women in some African countries is easily seen in agriculture. Male-managed farm plots consistently out-perform those of their female counterparts by as much as 66% in Niger and 25% in Malawi. The long-held belief was that a lack of access to the necessary…

0 What can NGOs learn from Harvard’s gender equity experiment?

Harvard’s venerated and brotastic MBA program quietly decided to become more female friendly to both students and faculty. Men tended to dominate the top 5% of graduating classes and are over-represented in the faculty. The class that graduated this past summer were part of an experiment to change the tide…

Human Rights
0 Africa’s leading ladies

This is another one of those perhaps counter-intuitive and positive stories about Africa — presuming you see the increasing political power of women as positive. Most of us do. The ONE Campaign cites a CNN series featuring some of Africa’s leading women politicians and activists. I cite the ONE blog’s…