genetically modified crops

0 Kenyan farmers skeptical, lack knowledge about GMOs

A diseased stalk of maize in western Kenya. Malava, Kenya – With a maize disease spreading across western Kenya, farmers are in need of seed alternatives and some are advocating the use of seeds genetically modified to fight disease. However, genetically modified crops (aka GMOs, genetically modified organisms) are not…

5 GM food fight: Why the Gates Foundation wants to make rice golden

Imagine if you could prevent hundreds of millions of children from blindness, half a million from dying and others from suffering all other sorts of malnutrition maladies by simply dropping a missing vitamin in their daily bowl of rice. That’s essentially what scientists, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, hope to accomplish with a new form of rice dubbed ‘golden rice.’

3 Gates Foundation responds re Monsanto investments

Flickr, by sarniebill1 The Guardian recently published a post on its new online Global Development site (funded by the Gates Foundation) in which their environmental writer demanded that the Seattle mega-philanthropy explain why it had recently upped its investments in Monsanto. Monsanto is big on genetically modified seeds and crops.…

3 Squeamish About Biotech in Africa

Flickr, World Bank Planting in Kenya Boosting agricultural productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa is critical to the fight against poverty and improving health on the continent. The question is how. Last week, the Gates Foundation came under criticism for significantly increasing its investments in Monsanto. Many took it as a clear…