World Politics
0 “An African Election” now available

I wrote about this documentary “An African Election” last May when I saw it and talked with its director, Jarreth Merz, at the Seattle International Film Festival. It’s an amazing film and it’s finally available on Netflix. I highly recommend it. As I wrote about it last year: The…

0 Good news: 28 countries escape poverty trap

The Guardian reports on new data indicating we are making progress against poverty: Remember the poverty trap? Countries stuck in destitution because of weak institutions put in place by colonial overlords, or becausse of climates that foster disease, or geographies that limit access to global markets, or simply by the…

Human Rights
0 Fighting Fake Drugs

PillsFlickr, by Rodrigo Senna One of the international community’s top priorities (Millennium Development Goal number eight) is to make sure people in developing countries have access to essential drugs and treatments. Criminals have decided to help out. Last week, Interpol coordinated police raids throughout East Africa — in Burundi, Kenya,…