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Global Health
1 The Sudden Death and Rebirth of the Global Health Council

The global health community was left bewildered when the Global Health Council suddenly announced last April that it was closing. Members of the prestigious, decades-old organization were not warned in advance, participants in the upcoming annual meeting had to abruptly cancel their plans and the GHC’s cryptic explanation (scroll…

Global Health
0 News flash: Global health continues to stagnate under Obama

The Kaiser Family Foundation yesterday held a briefing on the Obama Administration’s ‘new’ approach to global health featuring, as keynote speaker, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sibelius. Nothing much of substance seems to have happened, which some will say is in keeping with the Obama Administration’s strategy for…

Global Health
3 Obama’s new global health czar

Few in the global health community appear to know much about the Obama Administration’s newly appointed chief of the $63 billion Global Health Initiative — which itself remains a bit unclear, but that’s another story. Lois Quam is a Minnesota health care executive best known for her work as a…

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