Global Washington

0 Hey NGOs! Stop fighting with each other!

If you’re sincere about fighting poverty, you shouldn’t be trying to out-compete someone else who’s also fighting poverty. Bookda Gheisar You should be supporting their efforts and sharing resources. That might seem like an obvious point, but too often, NGOs are squabbling with one another. Even in Seattle (where everyone…

0 Global comprehension is the key to global competition

Washington state is big on international trade, the largest exporter per capita in the U.S. with about one in three jobs linked directly or indirectly to international commerce. We are indeed a globalized state. We constantly hear that our educational system today should be geared toward keeping the U.S. “internationally…

0 The global state of Washington state

It’s natural to become a bit self-centered when times are tough and uncertain. Yet times are tough all over (for most, the 99 percent?, of us anyway) — and a lot tougher and uncertain for those living in the poorer parts of the world. Today is the kick-off of an…

0 New Global Washington resource for job seekers

Looking for a job aimed at making the world a better place? Global Washington, an umbrella group that represents and supports many organizations in this region working on issues of global development, health and povery, has created a new online, searchable jobs resource. The jobs listed include firms outside of…

13 Geek heretic: Technology cannot end poverty

Kentaro Toyama Kentaro Toyama is clearly a heretic. A geek heretic. And, based on his career path, I would guess brilliant. A computer scientist currently at the University of California, Berkeley, Toyama co-founded Microsoft Research India in 2005 and remained there as assistant managing director until 2009. If you’re not…

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