Gordon Perkin

Global Health
1 PATH celebrates 34 years of life-saving gizmos

Seattle-based PATH today celebrated 34 years of finding creative ways to use science and technology to save millions of lives, mostly children, and one achievement this year that was unusually ground-breaking. A vaccine made only for poor people. That sounds simple enough, but it isn’t. Vaccines have to be made…

Global Health
2 Gates Fdn exec leaving: Global health mission shift?

Dr. Tachi Yamada is leaving his position in June as head of the Gates Foundation’s global health program. That’s big news primarily because the Gates’ global health program is so big, the largest program at the world’s largest philanthropy, accounting for more than half of the $3 billion the Gates…

Global Health
0 PATH co-founder Gordon Perkin honored

Dr. Gordon Perkin, one of the co-founders of PATH and the Gates Foundation’s first director of global health, receives Canada’s highest honor today. Perkin, who is Canadian but still allowed to reside in Seattle, is being awarded the Order of Canada for his many contributions to advancing global health. He,…