Grand Challenges

0 Gates Foundation’s latest global health gizmo grant

Sorry, I know alliteration indicates some kind of mental pathology (as does the love of puns) but I couldn’t resist that headline. At least I didn’t report this news like my former employer, the Seattle PI, as Canadians, Gates Foundation want a real tricorder. For the six people in the…

Global Health
0 Electronic nose “smells” TB, competes with rats

An odd-sounding scientific experiment — a battery-powered “electronic nose” –  has been awarded a $950,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Grand Challenges Canada. The grant, which was announced on Monday at the annual Grand Challenges Meeting in Delhi, India, was one of nine previously selected projects…

1 Bill Gates: Collecting the next round of wacky ideas

Why does the Gates Foundation keep funding all those wacky ideas like trying to use infrared light to confuse mosquitoes or manipulating bacterial spores into serving as vaccine delivery modules? Because they think sometimes it works best to turn the routine scientific review process on its head. “Science grant applications…

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