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0 NYTimes profiles a dragon slayer, Donald Hopkins, and his fight against guinea worm

I’ve written about this disease many times, seen people afflicted with it and years ago met a woman who was Nigeria’s last case. Jimmy Carter, whose philanthropy the Carter Center has sponsored Hopkins’ work, was recently talking about guinea worm with comedian Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. This painful, debilitating disease used to afflict millions of people every year.
Thanks to Hopkins and the Carter Center, it’s today down to few hundred cases remaining in the Sudan.

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0 Jimmy Carter talks about eradicating guinea worm on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show

Former President Jimmy Carter shows up Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show to talk about the Carter Center’s stunning success at nearly eradicating the parasitic guinea worm, a painful parasitic worm that used to afflict millions of people every year. Thanks to Carter’s team, there are now just hundreds of cases in South Sudan. Ten years ago, I saw guinea worm in Nigeria. Here’s some of my earlier stories about the Carter Center’s work and Nigeria’s last case.

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1 Endangered species: Guinea worm

A flurry of reports lately have celebrated the potential end of one of the world’s most horrific human parasites, the Guinea worm. Here’s the latest such from The Guardian: Guinea worm disease is reaching the end of its days. The parasitic infection, which has sickened millions, mostly in Asia and…

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0 Guinea Worm in Nigeria, 2001

In 2001, photographer Mike Urban and I went to Nigeria as part of a report we did for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on the early days of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation global health program. One of the world’s biggest health problems is dirty water. One of the most horrific…

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4 Nigeria’s last case of guinea worm

It’s hard for many of us, living inside the safe and comfortable bubble of existence offered by western civilization, to understand just how disruptive, tragic and dangerous it can be to simply get sick in a poor, rural African village. It’s probably even harder to imagine living with the threat…

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0 Jimmy Carter, Sudan, peace and the guinea worm

Former President Jimmy Carter is among the foreign notables — George Clooney, Sen. John Kerry, Enough’s John Prendergast — in Sudan doing election watch duty as the southern half of Africa’s largest country appears likely to vote itself into becoming the world’s newest nation. He’s also in Sudan because of…