Hans Rosling

0 Challenging the claim that saving kids lives reduces population growth

A leading aid and development expert is challenging a popular claim made by Bill and Melinda Gates, health statistics wizard Hans Rosling and others in the humanitarian community often cited to counter the concern that saving kids lives in poor countries will exacerbate global population growth. It is sometimes described…

0 Celebrated data guru Hans Rosling admits he doesn’t like data

Rosling is strikingly upfront about the limitations of data. Sometimes, the problem is that different countries measure things – like unemployment – in different ways, he says. In other cases, there are real uncertainties in the data that must be assessed: child mortality statistics are quite precise, whereas maternal mortality figures are not; global poverty measurements are infrequent and uncertain.

0 Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine

The inimitable master of visual information, Hans Rosling, talks about the upside and the downside of the world washing-machine index (progress that, as always, comes with both a benefit and a cost): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZoKfap4g4w&feature=player_embedded

0 Melinda, Hans, Mr. Condom and Graca on TEDxChange

The TEDxChange event, sponsored by the Gates Foundation, was intended to promote public awareness of and support for the Millennium Development Goals, or MDGs. The TEDxChange event took place while the actual UN MDG summit was underway. So I decided to try to watch both the TEDx event and the…

0 Turkey Catches Up With France

Here the inimitable Hans Rosling of Gapminder shows how Turkey’s quality of life is now on par with France: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4GztlkyedQ&feature=player_embedded