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0 Worldwide adult mortality trend, US on the down side

The UW’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation has taken a cue from the master of visual information Hans Rosling and presented global adult mortality vs income over time in a nice interactive map. Below is just a screen grab so go to the link to play the animated data…

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6 Why is mental illness so low on the global health agenda?

Flickr, by Dierk Schaefer Seattle recently hosted a big international meeting in which many of the world’s leaders in the fight to improve health met to parse data, debate statistical methods and struggle toward consensus aimed at informing the global health agenda. Given this focus on data, are the biggest…

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5 Taking the measure of global health: Five lessons learned

Crunching numbers, fighting diseaseInstitute for Health Metrics Evaluation Many, if not most, of the top people in global health were in Seattle last week. Some 600 people from all around the world were here for the Global Health Metrics & Evaluation conference. Participants discussed the evidence for maternal mortality rates…

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0 Global health funding still healthy, but may need better focus

Despite the economic downturn, funding for development assistance targeting health issues internationally has continued to grow — though more slowly and with a few anomalies that may deserve more scrutiny. “Surprising, global health spending continued to grow in 2010,” said Chris Murray, director of the UW’s Institute for Health Metrics…

0 WHO Responds on Maternal Deaths Data

I wrote last week about the World Health Organization revising down its numbers on maternal mortality, noting that the UN agency had arrived at basically the same place as some Seattle-based researchers roundly criticized for previously challenging WHO’s higher estimates. Basically, it was good news. Maternal deaths are down to…

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0 Educating Mothers Saves Children’s Lives

It’s perhaps no surprise to find that better-educated mothers do better at improving the health of their children, but it may surprise some to see how much of a difference this can make — and that it matters much more than economic gain. Child Mortality vs Maternal Education, NicaraguaIHME Between…

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