Helene Gayle

Human Rights
0 The aid debate continues in the media and on blogs

The debate over aid does not want to go away, but it is moving away from general statements about whether it works or not. Regardless of who is right and what we believe, it is promising to see the conversation taking a far more constructive tone. However, the present discussions…

Global Health
2 Global health smarts

What makes global health smart? As President Clinton’s former Deputy Secretary of Defense John J. Hamre said Monday at a forum on “smart global health,” some of the most effective tactics the military uses today are vaccines, food, water and shelter in a crisis. “After Sept. 11, our response was…

Global Health
1 Global Health as Smart Power

by Tom Paulson Smart Global Health Policy meeting Someday, perhaps it will be enough to say that making people healthy worldwide is just good for all of us. But, apparently, we’re not there yet. A blue-ribbon panel called the Commission on Smart Global Health Policy met in Seattle last week…