0 Visualizing Schisto: Common parasite may increase women’s HIV risk

Washing day in MozambiqueFlickr, domink raskin In sub-Saharan Africa, the burden of schistosomiasis – a disease caused by water-borne parasitic worms – disproportionately affects females. What’s more, it may explain why women uniquely account for a greater percentage of people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa. This differs starkly from other…

0 What global health needs is more (value for) money

The Global Fund was, and is, one of the most hopeful, compassionate and impressive things the international community has done in a long time. That’s why it’s being celebrated in and around the grand UN confab this week. That’s why some cheered when Britain announced it would give another $1.6 billion this week, and it’s also why some are clamoring for even more funds – since many millions more are still not reached. But like most things we humans do when we rush in to fix something, it was also seriously flawed.

0 Viz Info: Progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS

Ninety eight countries have experienced increases in their HIV/AIDS mortality rates, such as China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Egypt. While these countries do not account for large shares of the global HIV/AIDS burden compared to sub-Saharan African countries, it is disturbing that mortality is increasing in these countries despite advances in medical treatment.

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