0 Viz Info: Progress in the fight against HIV/AIDS

Ninety eight countries have experienced increases in their HIV/AIDS mortality rates, such as China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Egypt. While these countries do not account for large shares of the global HIV/AIDS burden compared to sub-Saharan African countries, it is disturbing that mortality is increasing in these countries despite advances in medical treatment.

0 Gates Foundation wants to make safe sex more fun

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation thinks safe sex isn’t as much fun as it should be. At least, that seems to be the gist of one request for a grant application from the world’s largest philanthropy as part of its Grand Challenges Explorations program. One of the goals for this round is to develop a better condom – and by better they basically mean a condom that doesn’t suck.

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0 A few notable leftovers from the big AIDS conference

The massive International AIDS Conference always puts out a lot of stories, with this year’s confab focused on emphasizing the positive and hope for “turning the tide” against the pandemic. Here are a few notable stories that you might have missed amid the whirlwind: The moral economy of AIDS Reasons…

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0 Top 10 hits of the 2012 AIDS conference

The 19th International AIDS Conference is over. This year’s conference marked a return to the United States after 22 years of boycott due to our government’s prohibition of HIV-infected visitors, a ban which was repealed by the Obama Administration in 2010. The theme for AIDS 2012 was “Turning the Tide Together.”…

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