Volunteers cause homelessness, claims Hedge Fund Manager | 

4950640437_f1d6997864_nAndy Kessler, founder of the billion-dollar Palo Alto investment firm Velocity Capital Management, thinks that homelessness in the United States is caused by the people who volunteer at homeless shelter. The hedge fund manager took to the Wall Street Journal to condemn volunteering.

He opens with the story of a couple he meets at an airport in San Francisco. They are waiting to pick up their daughter who just traveled to volunteer in Guatemala, not to attend camp much to Kessler’s dismay. He criticizes the millions spent on volunteering projects and says the money could have been invested in a local entrepreneur.

Kessler then wags his crotchety old man finger at the younger generations who have it all.

I understand that overbearing parents encourage their children toward such do-good interludes, hoping that it will get them into Brown, but why does this generation go along with it? My take: Because they have it all. The baby-boom generation gave way to the slacker Gen-Xers, followed by Gen-Y and now we’ve moved up the alphabet to Gen-G—for Guilty.

It is not the first time Kessler has voiced his disdain for things that are new. He took a swipe at Wikipedia in an OpEd for the New York Times in 2007.
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Homeless protesters camp out at Gates Foundation | 

Tom Paulson

“Charity begins at home” and hundreds of people in Seattle are now looking at a wet, cold winter with no place to sleep.

That’s what homelessness advocate Jarvis Capucion said to me when I asked him why protesters decided to camp outside the Seattle campus of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation this week.

“Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Singing for Change‘ project gave us $10,000 a few months ago,” said Capucion. “I want to know why Warren Buffett and Bill Gates can’t do the same.” Continue reading