0 Video humor: American media ignoring rest of the the world

“What are you talking about India for?” asked John McLaughlin, the host of the TV news program the McLaughlin Group. “It’s not even in our hemisphere.” As is getting to be almost routine, the comedy team at The Daily Show and now John Oliver in his new show are trying to expand…

0 Video humor: What has aid actually ever done for anyone?

My thanks and HT to Peter Singer of Grand Challenges Canada for re-directing me to this funny and quite pointed critique of the tiresome and idiotic question that, for some reason, seems to keep getting asked: This Monty Pythonesque spoof was created by the Enough Food for Everyone campaign.

2 When West Side Story met International Development (in song)

Want to poke fun at international development and its idealist workers? Why not write a song that uses the melodies from Leonard Bernstein and a classic Disney love song. Josh Cleveland of the University of Pennsylvania performs “Development Follies,” to the tune of some songs that you will probably recognize.…

1 Video humor: Let’s Save Africa – Gone Wrong

Norway, like other Scandinavian countries, is widely recognized within the humanitarian community for its steadfast and significant support for aid and development efforts in Africa. It is also a country that sees the humor in some of these efforts. So here, from the same Norwegian comedians who gave you Radi-Aid,…

1 Alyssa Milano’s Syria sex tape

How do you get people to give a shit about the crisis in Syria? Actress Alyssa Milano thinks that making a fake sex tape for the humor website Funny or Die could help. The former Who’s the Boss? star tweeted the supposedly leaked tape last week and played it off…

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