Human Rights
1 Visualizing violence against women

India is making headlines yet again for violence against women, but these examples are just the tip of the iceberg of a much larger global epidemic. It turns out that sexual violence is mostly perpetrated by people known to the victim – not strangers. Last week, two girls aged 12…

0 Video humor: American media ignoring rest of the the world

“What are you talking about India for?” asked John McLaughlin, the host of the TV news program the McLaughlin Group. “It’s not even in our hemisphere.” As is getting to be almost routine, the comedy team at The Daily Show and now John Oliver in his new show are trying to expand…

Human Rights
0 The human cost of Qatar’s migrant policies

Doha Construction Site Revelations of the mistreatment of migrants working on the World Cup sites in Qatar continue to bring forward a larger problem in the Middle Eastern nation. The AFP revealed on Monday that more than 450 Indian migrants have died while working in Qatar over the past two…

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