1 How much do your food snacks and beverages hurt the poor?

Have you ever wondered to what extent that can of Pepsi or Coke – or the quasi-potato-chip Pringles or that quasi-chocolate Snickers bar – hurts the poor?

No? Well, Oxfam and its Behind the Brands campaign staff would like you to wonder about that. And they would like to then go check out the anti-poverty advocacy organization’s colorful online interactive chart that will tell you in quantifiable terms just how well, or badly, the top 10 food companies do when it comes to displacing poor farmers from their land, or otherwise undermining their rights and well-being.

2 UN health summit makes food, beverage and drug industries nervous

 Flickr, Roadsidepictures Members of the United Nations General Assembly met this week to come up with a plan to combat chronic disease in poor countries that appears to have some in the food, beverage and drug industries worried. Ten years ago, a similar meeting here produced a massive global response…

0 International trade map: Washington state still big on airplanes

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has provided a interactive graphic that describes state-by-state the impact of international trade. Washington state’s economy is heavily dependent on international trade, which some say has helped fuel some of our community’s more globalized view of the world. There’s a lot of talk these days…

5 NPR: Seattle’s global health industry

My colleague Keith Seinfeld did a story for NPR today on our local boom in the global health industry that you can listen to at this link entitled “Seattle Benefits from Growth in Global Health.” Industry? I always twinge a little when I hear people talk about global health as…