0 Things are not getting better for the extreme poor

Politico Bill Gates rightly said that things are getting better around the world. It is the case for the majority, but not for the extreme poor. Inequality has become a sort of international topic du jour. President Obama mentioned it in his State of the Union, the Pope brought up…

Human Rights
1 Martin Luther King Jr., inequality and Davos

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, an American national holiday in which we celebrate a man who fought and died for the cause of equality. It’s a chilling last speech, in that King seems to be foretelling his assassination – which took place the next day. That was…

0 Lies, damned lies, statistics and inequality metrics

One of the more interesting debates out there right now is not so much about telling lies as it is about which statistics to use for measuring if we’re making the world a better place. Metrics on poverty tell us we’re making progress, yet wealth inequality is increasing in most parts of the world. Metrics tell us we’re producing more food on the planet than ever before, yet more than a billion will go to bed tonight hungry.

World Politics
0 Did anything that matters (to the rest of us) happen in Davos?

World Economic Forum Somehow, I was not invited to the prestigious and exclusive World Economic Forum in Davos this year. Many other members of the media were there along with the corporate executives, politicians, celebrities, cautiously happy bankers, an anxious Shimon Peres complaining that the world is becoming ungovernable and some…